This form is designed to collect fully-written submissions by prospective contributors to MarTech Today. If you don't have a fully-written submission, please use this form instead. 

Contributor Requirements

Contributors must be marketing professionals working in the field that they are writing about, or in a closely related field. We think of our sites as the publications of record for a community of marketers, and our contributors share their knowledge to discuss important issues and help move the industry forward.

Our audience appreciates highly actionable content which can be immediately applied to their own online marketing strategies. We are mainly looking for:

  • Tactical advice and tips
  • How-tos and step-by-step guides
  • Case studies
  • Thought-leadership pieces about the future of the industry and marketers' roles
  • CMO-level strategic pieces about running a marketing organization

Commitment Levels

  • Ad-Hoc Contributors must provide a minimum of three contributed pieces for standalone features and how-to articles over the course of 3-6 months. Contributors can irregularly submit ideas or already-written content when they have ideas they want to write about, or they can commit to a regular schedule for the duration of their relationship with us.
  • Special Contributors may contribute on a one-off basis if they have a very unique perspective, can share proprietary research, or wish to comment on a particular important or timely topic. (CEOs and CMOs of well-known companies would qualify as having unique perspectives, provided their topic was relevant.) 

Editorial Standards

Full disclosure of agency / client / partner relationships is required at all times, and our editors reserve the right to remove self-promotional content and links, as well as make significant edits to content and headlines.

All accepted contributors must agree to provide original content, with exclusive rights granted to Third Door Media for a period of TWO years. If accepted as a contributor, you will receive writer guidelines and instructions, as well as a formal writer agreement to execute before any content is published on our properties.
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